Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Prep reflection

W.A.L.T write a reflection about how prep went with the hats.
Here is my reflection about market day and the build up. I used it with the 3 hats, yellow for what was successful, black for what went wrong, and blue for what we could do next time.
Green target.
Feed back, I think you did well at your punctuation.
Feed forward, Next time be more descriptive.

Yellow hat.
At prep our stall was really popular and we sold all of our marshmallows. One of the best things was my group was really good,(sadly Maia left) we worked really well. My group (Quentin) thought that our product was really attractive because of the marshmallows, I think our maze was so cool too. I am glad that my group (Quentin) worked together really well, because if we didn't then our stall wouldn't be as good as it was. I think making the marshmallows was successful because we had no trouble at all, because of the thingy that Quentin brought in.
Black hat
I think that the budget was not that helpful, because we were going to make Jaffa biscuits. We also had trouble with making the maze, because it looked so homemade (shoolmade).
Blue hat.
I think that we needed to make more marshmallows because we sold out really quickly. Also next time our maze could be better because it was really easy. I also think next time whatever I make I think it should be really cheap cause mor people will buy it.

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