Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Pie graph.

W.A.L.T  make a bar graph, a strip graph, and a pie graph.
Here are my graphs, a pie graph is obviously in the shape of a pie ( circle), a bar graph to me is the easiest to understand, you look at the top of the L and bam you know what colour has won. A strip graph is also quite easy, it's a strip and there should be cm blocks on it, that are coloured in. Here is also the survey we did, we had to vote on what colour we wanted the most at a market. Then we had to make graphs about who won and all that. With my pie graph I have wrote the percentage of each colour.
Green target.
Feed back: I think that your Deecription was fantastic and your pie graph is very neat.
Feed forward: You need to add a picture for your target and where is your block graph?

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