Thursday, 30 June 2016

Myths and legends

W.A.L.T be storytellers
Tis is my story about a Dimond and Neptune it's not true but there is 1 fact about Neptune, I made this story.
Feed back:good job Jamie you are really good at working  
Feed forward:you can make your story's more interesting 
Yellow target I need to work on make my story's longer.
In 1766 Neptune was raining Dimonds if you did not not know that Neptune rains Dimonds, it does ( fact right at the start) so yeah. Anyway there was a black hole right by Neptune, the black hole shot the Dimond out of Neptune, the Dimond was going 4.60 km right towards earth. But the Dimond hit part of the Milky Way and there was a loud crash, the force even moved earth. The Dimond was split into four across the sky, and they look like stars, but these 'stars' is the Dimond from Neptune.

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