Monday, 21 March 2016

Geometry Passport

WALT use position and Orientation
Feedback: A green because you have done very good work.Mason.

Task 1, We have to make a scale map of our classroom, here is Jhaz and my work of a scale map. Our Scale was every 1 metre was worth 3 centimetres.

Task 2,We have to find places to go on a bike ride around Palmerston north but it has to be from 15 km to 30 km here is mine, so I start at my house bike to my old house, that is 4.2 km.from there I bike to the warehouse that is 3 km, so altogether I have biked 7.2 km.From the warehouse I bike to the Manawatu golf course, that takes 4 km all of this is 11 km.Now from the golf course I bike to the plaza, that is 3 km.From the plaza I bike home, all this is 17 km.

Task 3 we have been learning angles here it is.

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