Wednesday, 25 November 2015

W.a.l.t. Retell

Once upon time three bears went for a walk,there was pa bear,Ma bear,and ba ba bear(baba bear 
Was a lamb he had been adopted but the Bears loved him dearly)the bear family came to a house.
'Oh we have done it again'said ma bear'walked straight into goldilocks story,(they went in)'same old chairs'said pa bear'same old porridge'said ma bear.'Yum yum'said ba ba bear(they moved on.)There
Was 3 chairs in the lounge,'this chair is to big'said pa bear'this chair ist to small said Ma bear.Ba ba bear did not complain he was sitting on the couch watching TV.Then the door opened there was a 
Lady(very ugly one)with a blue hat a red bag and a sun flower.'Thats not part of the story'said pa bear'who are you'said Ma bear'I am bo peep'said the strange lady'I am looking for my lamb' she said.
Ba ba bear was shocked,and scared.'There he is said'said bo peep'The chase was on'.Then the
door opened again,goldilocks entered'what is going on here'she said'wait that's not bo peep that is the big bad wolf.

                                         The end

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